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Find out how you can mapping the stars and finish this tricky story.

The sea of ​​thieves The mission "Stars of a Thief" may be the hardest of all major stories. With a central puzzle mechanism that introduces tracking constellations and offers many ways to solve your problems meer the thieves __ If you solve puzzles, you can run fast and blindly go in Stars of A Thief. So do not do that. Instead, use our Sea of ​​Thieves Tall Tales Guide to make sure you track the stars correctly and get to the next piece of the Badwinchbrecher. The Shores of Gold are getting closer, after beating this hard story. So do not slow down. Here you can find out how to use your diary and solve the puzzles lying in front of you.

How to start Stars of a Thief

This is one of the more annoying tasks to begin in Tall Tales. Players must go to a tiny lake post, known as the North Star Seapost. Just make sure you will directly enlarge your boat card to select it. If you have found it, go there and talk to Sudd's, the lovely Scottish merchant with a book on his counter. Vote with your crew for the journey and you will receive the quest book.

Find the enchanted binoculars

This part is pretty simple as soon as you know what you are doing. Read in your book, where you will find the enchanted equipment. You will see either the words "Face the North Star" or "My Back to the North Star".

If it's the former, you have to go to RUNNER ISLE and follow the instructions. It stands right next to a "lonely hanging lantern", which hangs on a tree in the water treatment.

If you return your back to the north star, head to Twin Groves, where you have to dig "under a tree between the two biggest rocks", which are very difficult to overlook.

Open the chest and take the binoculars to get to the tricky part of this quest.

Constellation puzzle

It will be interesting here. Now you have the binoculars, you can open your questrad and equip it. When you look at Star's fruits, you slowly turn into symbols that match the unusual new index in your book and the compass direction you need to drive to get to the specified island.

After the index, you should also have puzzles worth three chapters to find out. The first two are their star jewels, while the last chapter leads to the chamber in which they need to put them in a totem.

To explain how it works, an example. One of the puzzles you can get called "A Hunt". The text is: "The man lived in the Kraken Watchtower in the direction of Eber from my lake post." Now the wild boar constellation is northeast, so you should drive from the sea post to northeast.

The next part of the puzzle is: "Säfder, who fell on the nearby tower, followed her to this island." The spring constellation is located in the southeastern part of the sky, so you have to drive from the Kraken-Watchtower to the southeast to Shipwreck Bay. It is then "followed arrow to land unmarked."

So you will find the arrow constellation in the sky (which is always in the southwest) and go in this direction to an unknown island. The text is then "The animal is liked by the southwest shore" in a "underwater grave". Of course, dive from the southwest shore to find the star jewel in the water. It's difficult, but you'll find out.

Star picture chuckle

If you do not want to find out it, you will find here a guide to the star pictures and the associated instructions. Just find the mention of each symbol in the text and go to the appropriate direction. Do this for the two puzzle chapters until you have both star jewels.

  • Large Kraken - North
  • Seekönigin - North / Northeast
  • Eber - northeast
  • Fish - East / Northeast
  • Big warrior / war driver - East
  • Crab - east / southeast
  • Skarab - southeast
  • Feather - South / Southeast
  • One-eyed Hai - South
  • Bear - South / Southwest
  • Arrow - southwest
  • Flame - West / Southwest
  • Boot - West
  • Snake - West / Northwest
  • Adler - northwest
  • Turtle - North / Northwest

The last chapter

Now where you have your star jewels, you have to put them in a statue in the unknown underwater vault, which is located on the map at N13. Swim to the cave in the west of the island and put it inside. Take the notes under the statue while you are there. For your problems you get a totem. Wherever you have to go, depending on which Totem you have is badly explained, so here a short chuckle. On each island you are looking for cave paintings that represent the prefix of the totem. You will find a really tiny slot where you can place the totem to unlock a vault. If you are very lucky, you will receive the Krabbentotem whose slot is right behind you after using the star jewels.

  • Crabs - Uncharted Vault Island (N13)
  • Moon - Crescent Island
  • Skarab - Gauner
  • Eber - Devil's Comb
  • Hai - Krakens Case
  • Snake - hiding the mermaid

Puzzling poetry

But wait, there is more! Now you are in the safe and will be confronted with another rotating block puzzle. For this you have to study the poem on the last page of the text. Make sure you find out before they light the coal basins, otherwise they will drown.

To find this out, you must link each line of text to a constellation symbol, which you then need to display on the four blocks. Do this for every stanza. The best way to find out, it is to look at the descriptions of the individual indexed constellations in your book. They usually include in the line, which is the symbol, but they may not say it directly. For example, the "war driver" refers to the symbol of the big warrior. The "patient" is the turtle and the "old mother" is the kraken.

Enter your two solutions and you will receive the Badging Breakter again, which you can bring back to Sudds to complete the mission.

_ Tips from Sea of ​​Thieves _


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